February Updates

It is progressing. I have now compiled up versions with 4, 8 and 16 (!) channels.

I have prepared a Release Candidate and we have started to do some testing.

It seems like a great thing that Hatari 2.1 is just released. Maybe the issues I had before was due to some timing issues in the Hatari? But we tested it on a real TT as well and experienced the same issues.

After the first batch of testing in Hatari 2.1, I am happy to announce that EPSS 1.03 with sound drivers 3.4 and 8 channel sound driver works with the following setups without any known issues:

  • TT 32MHz VGA 60Hz + TT High 71Hz
  • Falcon 16MHz VGA 50Hz (why 50Hz?)
  • MegaSTe 16MHz Mono 71Hz
  • STe 8MHz RGB 50HzI only found one setup that caused issues in these tests:
  • Falcon 16MHz Mono 71Hz.
    It sounds like it has some issues with the buffers, similar to the problems I had with the TT on the Hatari 2.0

We will continue with testing on real hardware…

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