One week after the release…

Another week has gone after the release of E.P.S.S. The Atari Community Version on Valentine’s Day and no, it was not really deliberately planned for that day 🙂

Lots of downloads of the E.P.S.S. ACV has been registered and I see new users every day signing up for the download which is great!

Note that I will not use your emails for any other purpose than to occasionally mail out news regarding E.P.S.S. so sign up with real emails and not fake if you want to be kept “in the loop” 🙂

Some feedback:

  • It seems like the version doesn’t really play anything on any real hardware other than STe and Mega STe and possibly Falcon in ST Compatible modes. TT is currently NOT working. This has to do with that the version is really a version to be used in 50Hz demos and hard coded to be used on a 50Hz VBL, i.e. not on 60Hz VGA or TT High or any other resolution. We are currently investigating and looking for a workaround.
  • I will have now put up a version of E.P.S.S. that is separate files in a .ZIP instead of just an .ST floppy image. You find it on the download page. This will simplify for users wanting to copy E.P.S.S. to for example SD-card or floppy from their download computer, PC, Mac, Linux etc.

In the mean time I have been working on some smaller bugs and some features. I have for example now implemented support for loading of 16-bit WAV files as well as supporting the extended sized 8 bit WAV files (extra long header). Some other bug regarding load and save of samples have been sorted out as well.

I also started to look at using a more “standard” Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) method that will allow for implementing pitch bend, i.e. continuous pitching of the samples. One of the optimizations done in E.P.S.S. was to use only the standard notes and nothing in between to get faster executions on the STe, and I will look at the impact of having variable pitching. Maybe a middle way would be to mark specific sounds as “pitchable” and then use the variable SRC, we will see…

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