EPSS Editor v1.17

The latest version v1.17 can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

The latest changes are:

  • Automatic detection of new version added. Link will direct you to the latest release page where you have to download and install EPSS Editor.
  • Adding of Program Change sounds for G2 patches now work.
  • Auto increase the Program Change number when adding a Program Change definition.
  • Retains the loop mode of sounds exported to WAV files when imported from SPI.
  • The G2 checkbox is disabled and is now auto detected. If any Program Change are defined, it will enabled and otherwise always disabled.
  • When importing SFZ, the Mapping mode switch is used. This then makes it possible to import SFZ as Program Change definitions.
  • Automatically increase Program Change or MIDI Channel after importing SFZ sound. Makes it possible to import multiple SFZ files at once and get them correctly mapped.
  • Midi player reworked so it is more accurate in timing when playing EPSS Songs.
  • Bar and beat counter now shows current song position when playing MID file.
  • Transport control implemented for MID player. Possible to start, stop, rewind and fast forward. Supports keyboard shortcuts (Space for start/stop, Numeric 0 for stop, Numeric Enter for start, Numeric + for fast forward, Numeric - for rewind).

Bug fixes:

  • Playing sounds mapped as Program Change now works. Caused crash as it was not implemented to be supported.
  • Checking correct note for overlap when adding a sound on Channel 10.
  • Can now build correct G2 SPI files.
  • When importing SPI G0G1, the Program Change are now indicated as '-' as there are only MIDI splits present in the file.
  • When importing SFZ from menu bar, the Sound and SPI Sounds are now updated correctly.
  • The imported SFZ file are saved in the defaults both for file menu load and drag&drop.
  • Save SFZ now saves non looped sounds with correct parameter (i.e. not single_shot which caused sounds to ignore MIDI Note Off).
  • Save SFZ now adds default ADSR values to correspond to how they are played in EPSS.
  • Sample names with spaces works to import for SFZ.
  • When playing sound on left pane with space bar, sounds are now played One Shot to avoid infinite looping of the sound.

Known bugs in v1.17:

  • Load sample does not work when initial directory is uninitialized. Will be fixed in next version. Workaround: Drag & Drop samples on left side.
  • Save SPI Sample does not work when initial directory is uninitialized. Will be fixed in next version. Workaround: Save as SPI and then import SPI and use the imported samples. They will be in the same quality (degraded to 8-bit 25kHz) as when using Save SPI Sample.
  • Total size is not updated with sample size information. Will be fixed in next version.

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