I uploaded a new compiled version of EPSS Edit after Roland Zipfel kindly pointed out that the previous version needed an "EPSS Project" file to start with. I have probably done all my tests with already existing project files so this issue must have been missed.

But it is now tested on a clean install without any preferences or previous files started:

Initial startup without anything previously saved shows:


Pressing "No" will show the file selector where you have to type in what you project file should be called. EPSS need at least one project file to work with all the time, which is why you have to create it as early as possible:


After this you can start adding your samples.

Note that I now support sfz files (probably written about this before in some of the posts) so it is very quick importing existing sounds and mappings as long as you have sfz file. This needs more testing so if you encounter issues, please let me know and if possible send me sfz files that you have issues with and I will continue to improve the support for this format.

Hatari for Windows with MIDI v1.0 released

I have now put up the specialized version of Hatari that send and receives MIDI through my "Hatari Midi Mapper" as well as an installation package for "Hatari Midi Mapper".

The complete installation can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Known issues:

  1. Hatari Midi Mapper has to be started first and then Hatari. Otherwise Hatari might not be able to find the named pipe that the mapper opens.
  2. Not possible to change MIDI device when the mapper is running and receiving data. Solution is a restart of the mapper and Hatari, i.e. stop the mapper (possibly also exit the mapper), exit Hatari, start the mapper and change to correct devices and then start Hatari.
  3. It needs some kind of MIDI input in Hatari Midi Mapper. If you dont have any devices, you can for example download and install LoopBe which is a free MIDI Virtual Device driver.

I might release some kind of bug fixes to these, but currently I think they are minor issues that has easy workarounds and once the mapper and Hatari has been started successfully, the setup works stable enough as far as I know.


Got some feedback from the quick proof of concept video I put on YouTube: "Does it work with MUNT MT-32"?

Never heard of MUNT before but downloaded it, found the ROMs, set the output in my Hatari MIDI Mapper as "MT-32 Synth Emulator", started Hatari and Cubase and loaded up The Secret of Monkey Island.mid, which is specially made for MT-32, and it played great!