EPSS v1.08 released

An update to EPSS is released today.

The most important highlights are:

  • Sound patches can now use the full TT RAM when available.
  • Support for reading MIDI Pitch Bend both from live MIDI In, MROS and MID files.
  • Support of variable pitch (using the MIDI Pitch Bend) of the sounds on TT, Falcon and Mega STe. Sorry, stock STe unfortunately too slow to do this in EPSS when using 8 channels...

Direct download link is here or head over to the Downloads area to find the older versions and complete packages.

New version of EPSS-Ctrl v1.06…

...released today! Various bug fixes and enhancements, most important:

  1. MIDI Sequencers now supported with MROS or direct pacth. This was previously not enabled by a coding mistake
  2. MIDI Running Status supported for sequencer input.
  3. Working on Atari TT030 again

For more information, download the file here