Hatari for Windows with MIDI v1.0 released

I have now put up the specialized version of Hatari that send and receives MIDI through my "Hatari Midi Mapper" as well as an installation package for "Hatari Midi Mapper".

The complete installation can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Known issues:

  1. Hatari Midi Mapper has to be started first and then Hatari. Otherwise Hatari might not be able to find the named pipe that the mapper opens.
  2. Not possible to change MIDI device when the mapper is running and receiving data. Solution is a restart of the mapper and Hatari, i.e. stop the mapper (possibly also exit the mapper), exit Hatari, start the mapper and change to correct devices and then start Hatari.
  3. It needs some kind of MIDI input in Hatari Midi Mapper. If you dont have any devices, you can for example download and install LoopBe which is a free MIDI Virtual Device driver.

I might release some kind of bug fixes to these, but currently I think they are minor issues that has easy workarounds and once the mapper and Hatari has been started successfully, the setup works stable enough as far as I know.

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